Survey Help

If you haven’t already, please complete the short survey on SurveyMonkey. The information gathered will help your Reunion Committee plan better for our weekend in September.

Reunion update

Several classmates have asked about our reunion plans. Essentially, nothing has changed with our class social functions, except one thing. George “Muff” Handley’s induction to the NU Athletic Hall of Fame will be on Thursday, instead of Sunday.
Look for an email and snail mail from the Reunion Committee in the next few weeks.

Condos through VRBO are available if you can’t find lodging in Sugarbush Valley.

Reunion class giving

About a month late with this……..but here are the reunion classes giving results. NU’65 had a goal of 65% and we almost hit that goal. Your generosity will be acknowledged “on the hill” next September. CONGRATULATIONS!

Our 55th Reunion Class Gift

Latest data from NU shows our class has a 54.5% participation rate towards our 55th Reunion Gift. If we can find 21 more classmates to make a gift before October, we will attain our goal of 65%. How can we encourage more giving (of any amount)?

Hopefully, you received a letter from your reunion committee about our upcoming reunion in October.  An email will soon follow with a few updates.

Given the extraordinary generosity of our class in reunions past, we believe the goal for us this time is to achieve a high rate of participation.  Let’s try to have as many classmates as possible give something to Norwich University.  The goal will be to achieve a participation rate of 65%.

Donations to Norwich may be made in many forms.  Gifts by check are the easiest for most classmates, and some of the suggestions you saw on the letter insert began with an amount as small as $19.65.  Again, this time it’s not so much the dollar amount.  It’s about having many participants helping us reach an attainable participation rate of 65%.

Important to know – – All gifts by our class since our 50th reunion will be tabulated towards the goal of our 55th reunion.  And, the good news is – we are already at a participation rate of 49%.  So, if you have not made a gift to Norwich since 2015, please consider doing that this year, and help your class reach 65% participation.

Other forms of giving include donating an IRA Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) as a charitable gift. The recent issue of the Norwich Record featured Lyman and Sue McWain as this type of donor.  Planned gifts, such as bequeaths, could also count towards your class gift for this year.  Megann O’Malley, Associate Director of Planned Giving would be pleased to explain how these gifts might work for you.  Call her at 802-485-2282 or email at:  Additional info at:

Can we get to 65%….or more? We will try!

Sugarbush Accommodations
Sugarbush Resorts will be accepting reservations for Sept 24 – 26 at 1-800-537-8427 Look under “Lodging” Look under “Visiting” Lodging

Additionally, the Mad River Lodge (newly refurbished) is available 802-496-6969 – 2354 Millbrook Road, Fayston, VT.

Also –
Tucker Hill Inn,  17 rooms
65 Marble Hill Road
Waitsfield, Vt 05673

White Horse Inn (26 rooms B&B)
999 German Flats Road
Waitsfield, VT 05673

Some condo options include:

The Bridges now rents through one of these sites.
A complete list of all Bridges rentals can be found on their website, One note on the Bridges, three-bedroom units involve the third unit to be either up or downstairs and present a challenge for those with mobility issues. also lists units of the bed and breakfast variety and some condos.

Suggested condo units close to Sugarbush on the high price end would be Gaad Brook and Rice Brook units. They are the most recent construction at the mountain.
South Village offers stand alone homes for rent.

NU Invite….

Fellow Classmates,

It’s hard to believe but we will be celebrating our 55th reunion in less than eleven short months. Several of us have started the planning process and would like to share some thoughts and updates with this update.

  • George Geiring will not be leading the charge due to business commitments, however, George will act as our Class Agent Emeritus!
  • Paul Mercer has set up a web site for our class at, 
    please check it out. As the administrator he can be contacted at or 401-651-7323 for content input suggestions. We will be using the site to post class reunion-specific updates.
  • Beetle will be coordinating class gift efforts.
  • Lodging – The alumni office has been negotiating pricing for lodging at the Clay Brook condo complex and the Sugarbush Inn.
  • 55th Reunion Banquet – Norwich is also working on pricing and meal options for the banquet. As details are finalized they will be communicated to our class and will be updated on the class of 1965 website.

With email becoming the preferred means of communications, one of our first postings on the web site is a list of class mates that we do not have an email address for. Please check the list and if you have one of our missing email addresses, please notify Paul.

While Norwich negotiates with Claybrook and the Sugarbush Inn, we would encourage you to start making arrangements with classmates that you may want to share a condo with. The rental of condos has changed since our 50th. Some condo options include:


The Bridges now rents through one of these sites, however they do list all rentals on their website, One note on the Bridges, three-bedroom units involve the third unit to be either up or downstairs and present a challenge for those with mobility issues. also lists units of the bed and breakfast variety and some condos.

Finally, there will be other classes reunioning in the Sugarbush area, we would encourage you make your reservations early.

Whitey Anderson
Beetle Bailey
Paul Mercer
Marty Pottle
Bill Quinn

Need your help…….

We are missing email addresses for a number of classmates. Please take a look at the attached listing. If you happen to have a current email address for any of these classmates, please let us know. Norwich has informed us that they will no longer be sending “snail mail” to alumni.

Alan J. Lefko(315) 536-4248
Alan S. Mitchell(603)
Allan C. Trask(207) 778-4733
Bruce A. De Shaw
Charles A. Turbayne(508) 947-6424
Charles R. Aron(215) 752-9413
Christian D. Williams(310) 459-6528
Christopher R. Coviello(978) 538-7283
Clairmont J. Herman
Craig M. Farland(910) 363-4088
David D. Lacilla(561) 863-0521
David R. Stevens(908)
Donald C.
Donald E. Graves(239) 405-8975
Donald N. Adams
Edward J. Miller Jr(973) 702-3185
Edward L Miner(603) 428-3611
Edwin F. Bottelsen(781) 572-3130
Eugene A. Cozzi
Frank W. Wetherbee(978) 667-0025
Franklin L. Grey
Gary L. Heinmiller
George T. De Metriades
Gordon J. Ringer(408) 265-0462
Henry Davidson(941) 761-8349
Hugh G. Barclay802-775-1076
John C. McCoy(315) 793-4079
John F. Murtagh
John H. Jacobs(603) 635-3908
John N. Gabriel(508) 752-1306
John V. Hurynowicz(239) 731-1470
Joseph Macknauskas
Joseph P. Benning(239) 454-0591
Max J. Sanchez(201) 836-8088
Michael J. Meagher(919) 824-5761
Norman Otis
Paul W. Dickinson(704) 960-4931
Peter B. Harrington(703) 406-2432
Peter R. Shaughnessy(413) 586-6516
Raymond F. Duchette(207)
Richard A. Gregg(708) 351-5000
Richard G. Weinand Jr(239) 948-6963
Robert A. Cummings
Robert J. Fiacco(315) 845-8254
Robert J. Nuccitelli(270) 877-0759
Robert L. White
Robert M. Ferrier 610-419-4588
Steven Saramanidis
Thomas C.
Thomas H. Sullivan(603) 881-5038
Thomas L. Heiss(612) 854-6523
William R. Beeman

Reunion….our 55th!!

Guys……here is your first “save the date” notice. Homecoming in 2020 will be Oct 1 – Oct 4. The details will be forthcoming; but, please consider returning to NU, once again.
It seems like just yesterday since our fantastic 50th reunion in 2015. Yet, another 5 years will have passed by the time we gather. The issue we have, as we all know, is that by the time we gather for our 60th, we will have lost many more classmates. For that reason alone, please plan to come for our 55th reunion. You will be missed, if you choose to skip it!