Our 55th Reunion Class Gift

Latest data from NU shows our class has a 54.5% participation rate towards our 55th Reunion Gift. If we can find 21 more classmates to make a gift before October, we will attain our goal of 65%. How can we encourage more giving (of any amount)?

Hopefully, you received a letter from your reunion committee about our upcoming reunion in October.  An email will soon follow with a few updates.

Given the extraordinary generosity of our class in reunions past, we believe the goal for us this time is to achieve a high rate of participation.  Let’s try to have as many classmates as possible give something to Norwich University.  The goal will be to achieve a participation rate of 65%.

Donations to Norwich may be made in many forms.  Gifts by check are the easiest for most classmates, and some of the suggestions you saw on the letter insert began with an amount as small as $19.65.  Again, this time it’s not so much the dollar amount.  It’s about having many participants helping us reach an attainable participation rate of 65%.

Important to know – – All gifts by our class since our 50th reunion will be tabulated towards the goal of our 55th reunion.  And, the good news is – we are already at a participation rate of 49%.  So, if you have not made a gift to Norwich since 2015, please consider doing that this year, and help your class reach 65% participation.

Other forms of giving include donating an IRA Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) as a charitable gift. The recent issue of the Norwich Record featured Lyman and Sue McWain as this type of donor.  Planned gifts, such as bequeaths, could also count towards your class gift for this year.  Megann O’Malley, Associate Director of Planned Giving would be pleased to explain how these gifts might work for you.  Call her at 802-485-2282 or email at:   momalley@norwich.edu  Additional info at: https://www.norwichgiftplans.org.

Can we get to 65%….or more? We will try!

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