Open call with President Schneider

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 Recap of December 2019 Open Forum Calls with President Schneider December 2019 Open Forum Calls
with President Schneider
December 4 and December 10, 2019
Front line volunteers recently took part in the fall Open Forum conference calls with President Schneider. The purpose of these forums is to exchange information with Class Agents, Club Volunteers, NUAA, Board of Fellows, NUPFA and NUcleus participants, and to answer your questions.In case you missed it, please click here for a recap of the discussions. Topics included:•  Bicentennial: Mission Accomplished!
•  Undergraduate Enrollment update – Class of 2023
•  Undergraduate Recruitment update: significant changes on the horizon
•  CGCS and Norwich Pro areas of growth and opportunities
•  Denver Campus Launch
•  NECHE Accreditation update
•  The Presidential Search
•  Farewell Tour for President Schneider
•  Accolades and Honors
If you have questions or comments, please contact me at or 802-485-2358.

Diane Scolaro
Associate Vice President
Alumni Relations & Bicentennial Celebrations
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